Join Our Long-Term Care Practice and Create Your Own Future 
Podiatry Plus provides opportunities for Full Time Doctor Employees and Part Time Independent Contractors who want to secure their work life experience.
Our reputation for quality care and integrity is getting around! As a result, we are fast becoming the Long Term Care provider of choice throughout the Midwest.


Our program can offer you the following:


Family/Life Balance

“I manage my own schedule and have more precious time than before.”

Retirement Plan

“I’ve been a podiatrist for many years – the road to retirement just got shorter with my new found income.”
Ive Been a Podiatrist for Many Years

Supplemental Income

“I rest easy without all the costs of a Private Practice office.”


Work as many as 5 days or one half day a week.


Immediate service needs in Moline, Quincy, Southern & Central Illinois, NW Indiana, and SE Wisconsin.


up to
$1000 Signing and Referral Bonus
As our practice continues to grow, we need to make a great hire! To encourage getting the word out, we are offering both you, and the new hire you refer, a signing bonus of $1000 for a full time doctor, and $500 for one who’s available part time. Signing bonuses will be paid out in full over the first 6 months as a member of the Podiatry Plus team.


Explore the many reasons to become a member of our growing Long-Term Care Practice