Podiatry Plus Is Always Looking for Great Doctors to Join Our Team


Our independent contractor physician’s take-charge of a flexible schedule, creating their own future & life experience.


Here’s what our current doctors have to say:


Family/Life Balance

“I manage my own schedule and have more precious time than before.”

Retirement Plan

“I’ve been a podiatrist for many years – the road to retirement just got shorter with my new found income.”
Ive Been a Podiatrist for Many Years

Supplemental Income

“I rest easy without all the costs of a Private Practice office.”


Some Additional Reasons to Join Our Practice



*Immediate service needs in Moline, Quincy, Southern & Central Illinois, NW Indiana, and SE Wisconsin.


up to
$1000 Signing and Referral Bonus
As our practice continues to grow, we need to make a great hire! To encourage getting the word out, we are offering both you, and the new hire you refer, a signing bonus of $1000 for a full time doctor, and $500 for one who’s available part time. Signing bonuses will be paid out in full over the first 6 months as a member of the Podiatry Plus team.