Foot Pain

Foot pain can be caused by various complications, such as neuromas, hammertoe, bunion, capsulitis, fractures, etc., and is never fun to live with. Our office will make sure to treat your specific condition in the best possible manner. Upon your visit, your podiatrist will pinpoint the location where you’re experiencing the pain, and assess the type of pain you’re feeling. Diagnostic tests such as x-rays, injections, and biomechanical measurements may be used to determine the specific complication, and to best decide the course of treatment.  Your treatment will depend on your specific condition, and can range from recommending rest and medication, prescribing orthotics, to surgical intervention. Don’t live with your foot pain. Simple conditions can often become worse and lead to further complications. Our office can help you manage your foot pain, and get you comfortably back on your feet, both physically, and emotionally.