To assist you in understanding some of the jargon of surgical medicine, I would like to explain the k-wire and its purpose. The full name of this smooth, stainless steel pin is a “Kirschner wire”, pronounced [KERSH – NER], after … Continue reading

Online Clinician Dashboards

In this new information age there are many changes occurring already that will affect both the delivery of healthcare and the way patients interact within the healthcare system. Management software (dashboards) and patient feedback are two ways in which these … Continue reading

Non-Weightbearing Status

Whether you’re an all-star athlete or not, to heal bones, ligaments, or tendons, you may need to keep the weight off of the area. This brings up the post-operative or post-injury topic of weightbearing status. There are a number of … Continue reading

The flattest of the Flat: end stage, end game

I’ve tried to avoid this topic for a while now. (shh! Don’t tell) There are just so many ways to write about this broad topic (flatfoot) for which I will continue to write in the future, no doubt. Children have … Continue reading


I recently had a patient’s family ask what medications or preventative measure they could take to avoid becoming ill with influenza like their family member, my patient. Influenza is rampant this flu season, and many of us may share the … Continue reading