Cantharidin – Beetlejuice to Kill the Wart

One of the in-office treatment options for plantar warts includes Cantharidin (Canthrone), a blistering agent or vesicant (vesicle is the medical term for blister, so a vesicant is a blister maker) made from an odorless, colorless compound secreted from over … Continue reading

Plantar Warts – Home Remedy Approach

Do you have what you think is a wart on your foot? If so, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. Is it a wart? How did I get this? How can I treat it? Will it go away? … Continue reading

The Pain Scale

I recently introduced my children to the 1987 classic, “The Princess Bride.” While watching I thought about the pain that was inflicted on our hero Wesley. One of the more frequently asked questions at the doctor’s office deal with pain. … Continue reading

Chronic ankle instability – Part 2 Surgical treatment

Chronic ankle instability is a condition in which the ankle “gives out” frequently. The ankle either doesn’t give the right feedback to the brain or the motor response is not firing in a way to keep the ankle from rolling … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t wear flip flops this summer

Of all the shoe gear choices, flip flops have to be the worst! Now, you may disagree, and that is your right. But, consider the experience of a foot doctor who sees patients in pain, day in and day out. … Continue reading