Diabetes Continued (Glycemic Control)

Part One: Neuropathy Neuropathy is the loss of function of the nerves. There are three types of nerves that are affected in diabetic peripheral neuropathy: motor, sensory, and autonomic. Each lead to different symptoms and different outcomes, but all can … Continue reading

Diabetes and Your Feet

Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Has it been some time since you received the news? Either way, you have probably heard multiple times the importance of “proper glycemic control” – keeping your sugars in control. I wonder did … Continue reading

Frostbite on your Feet

As the temperatures fall and you start thinking of spending extended periods of time in the cold, you may be worried about Jack Frost nipping at your toes. Obviously, the best thing to do would be to prevent frostbite from … Continue reading

An Introduction to Ingrown Nails

I have a special place in my heart for patients who come to the office with ingrown toenails. Having had two ingrown toenails myself, I know how painful they can be, and how much relief a podiatrist can offer. When … Continue reading