Biopsy: Improving the Diagnosis

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be in the medical field. When I was younger, I didn’t like it when the doctor didn’t have the exact diagnosis. When there was any ambiguity, I felt cheated. … Continue reading

Will the Injection Work?

No one likes getting shots, but sometimes injections are necessary. A patient asked me what percentage of patients had success with the injection we’d recommended for her. Unfortunately, being young in my practice, and not having data of my own, … Continue reading

A few thoughts on injections

No one likes needles, or at least that is the impression we get: shots are no fun. Even though corticosteroid injections are frequently offered as first-line treatment for a variety of foot and ankle conditions, most, if not all, patients, … Continue reading

The Stages of Flat Feet

Classification systems are in use everyday in the medical field. Everything from kidney, and heart disease, to the stages of cancer, right down to the pathology or problems found in the feet. The staging systems enable clinicians to organize their … Continue reading

Plantar warts – CO2 Laser and Surgical Excision

Plantar warts – CO2 Laser and Surgical Excision Once you’ve attempted conservative management of any condition, there comes a time when your attempts are not managing the condition and surgery comes into view. Depending on the condition, this moment can … Continue reading